Enlightenment, Special and General Revelation

[h1]Special Revelation:[/h1] Special Revelation is the message of a divine entity, such as God, being revealed directly to one person. [u]Example of Special Revelation:[/u] [ul] [li]Moses receiving the 10 Commandments.[/li] [li]Saul, a Jew intending to persecute Christians, receiving a vision from Jesus asking "Why do you persecute me?". Then he becomes a Christian.[/li] [li]Muhammad having the Quran revealed to him over the course of 23 years.[/li] [/ul] [h1]General Revelation:[/h1] General Revelation is God making himself known through ordinary, common human experiences, and available to all. [u]Examples of General Revelation:[/u] [ul] [li]The Quran.[/li] [li]The Bible.[/li] [li]The Torah.[/li] [li]Observing a property of God through nature, as it is available to all.[/li] [/ul] [h1]Enlightenment:[/h1] Enlightenment is the sudden realisation of a greater or divine truth. It differs from revelation as it is self discovered, rather than, like in the case of revelation, revealed by a divine entity. [u]Examples of Enlightenment:[/u] [ul] [li]Nirvana in Buddhism is enlightenment which is achieved from following [b]Magga[/b] (the noble eightfold path - a way to not cause or experience sufferring), and leads to a break from [b]Samsara[/b] (the endless, birth, death and rebirth cycle).[/li] [li]Moksha is the englightnement in Hinduism which is achieved when a person realises that [b]maya[/b] (the belief that we are seperate from the Supreme being called Brahman), is an illusion. In doing so they break free from [b]Samsara[/b] and become one with Brahman.[/li] [/ul] [b]All the above include something that is the supreme, final, and fundamental power in all reality: Ultimate Reality[/b] Some in the form of God, other in the realisation that their existence is just a fragment of a greater one.