Watts, Kilowatts and Joules

Keep in mind that 1 [b]kilowatt[/b] is 1000 [b]watts[/b]. Also keep in mind that 1000 [/b]watts[/b] is the same as 1000 [b]joules per second[/b] (1000 [b]joules transferred per second[/b]). Ensure to keep in mind, also, that [b]1 kilowatt hour[/b] is [b]1 kilowatt of energy transferred per second, for a whole hour[/b]. So, this means that [b]1 kilowatt hour (kWh)[/b] is the same as [b]3,600,000 joules[/b]. This is because: [table] [tr] [td]1 kWh[/td][td style='border:1px solid #222;padding:10px;'] = [/td][td]1 joules [multiply] 3600 seconds [multiply] 1000[/td] [td][/td][td style='border:1px solid #222;padding:10px;'] = [/td][td]1 [multiply] 1000 [multiply] 3600[/td] [td][/td][td style='border:1px solid #222;padding:10px;'] = [/td][td]3,600,000 joules[/td] [/table] I multiplied by 1000 to put it into standard format, not [b]kilo....[/b], something. Remember, that multiplying the [b]watts[/b] by time, I multiplied out the [b]seconds[/b] part in [b]joules[/b] per second, hence why I have just [b]joules[/b].