Virtual Image Formation

The distance from the mirror to [b]rea[/b]l [i]x[/i], and the distance from the mirror to the [b]virtual[/b] [i]x[/i] is equal. [img src='https://res.cloudinary.com/deylrqt2d/image/upload/v1487953288/virtual_images_n8iwvt.svg' style='width:100vw']; The light rays, as shown in the diagram, travel in straight lines, if through the same substance. [h3]Virtual Images[/h3] Virtual images appear to be behind the mirror as the reflected light makes it look like that. The reflected light rays are in the same path as they would be if the object really was there, and the light reflected off of it, to you. The virtual image would be laterally inverted. (Horizontally inverted).