Wave Speed Equation

[code] V = f [multiply] [lambda] [/code] V = wave speed f = frequency [lambda] = wavelength [h3]Examples[/h3] [b]1) If a wave has a frequency of 20[i]Hz[/i] and a wavelength of 10 [i]metres[/i], find the wave speed[/b] V = f [multiply] [lambda] V = 20 [multiply] 10 [u]V = 200[i]m/s[/i][/u] [b]2) If a wave has a wave speed of 40[i]m/s[/i] and has a frequency of 80[i]Hz[/i], find the wavelength[/b] [lambda] = V [divide] f [lambda] = 40 [divide] 80 [u][lambda] = 0.5 [i]metres[/i][/u] [b]3) If a wave has a wavelength of 10[i]m[/i] and has a wave speed of 50[i]m/s[/i][/b] f = V [divide] [lambda] f = 50 [divide] 10 [u]f = 5[i]Hz[/i][/u] [img src='https://res.cloudinary.com/deylrqt2d/image/upload/v1487892670/timeperiod_gif.gif']