The Electron Theory

[ul] [li]Protons are in the core of the atom, within the nucleus - [b]Positively Charged[/b][/li] [li]Electrons orbit the nucleus - [b]Negatively Charged[/b][/li] [li]Due to the [i]nucleus[/i] being positively charged, and the [i]electrons[/i] being negatively charged, the atom's overall charge is [b]neutral[/b][/li] [li]Therefore the number of electrons and protons are equal[/li] [li]A substance becomes positively charged when losing electrons[/li] [li]A substance becomes negatively charged when gaining electrons[/li] [li]Protons don't move under normal circumstances[/li] [/ul] [img src='http://res.cloudinary.com/deylrqt2d/image/upload/v1487721041/electron_shells_x5uadr.svg']